My Green Butler’s Paper(less) Boy: Hidden usage, tax deduction, and the business case for sustainability

Bringing the behind the scenes, to the front of the stage Buildings don’t use energy or water – people do. When we think about resource usage in h...
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My Green Butler’s Paper(less) Boy: Australian Budget Carbon Commitments, Arabian Travel Market, and Integrations

Australian Federal Budget Commits to Carbon Emissions Reductions The Budget announcements of the 9th of May see the Australian government allocating b...
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Taking the right action in the race to save energy

Did you know some of the ways we save energy can actually be counterproductive? Our efforts can escalate costs, increase indirect carbon emissions, an...
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Sustainability Matters

World Travel Market 2022 proved that sustainability in tourism really does matter to consumers and employees. In fact, it clearly matters to all stake...
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Guest experience design is essential to sustainable hospitality

The greenest hospitality businesses in the world won’t do anyone much good for long if they’re not making money. Talk of sustainability usually (a...
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Tailormade is always best: knowing what Gamification works for you and why

Gamification is key to ensuring sustainable hospitality behaviour change. Running a hospitality team is complex but trying to encourage staff and gues...
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The science behind why and how to persuade your guests to converse resource use

In the following video presentation, I explain the 4 reasons why tourism should focus its sustainability programme on guest participation: Tourist acc...
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And the winners are…. our guests for adapting their behaviour!

Thursday night in Melbourne saw My Green Butler win the prestigious Banksia Foundation Award for Small Business. This was a significant moment in the ...
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Beyond Mr and Mrs Average

Recognising that each guest is an individual is the key to significant accommodation resource saving Guest use of resources represents a very importan...
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