My Green Butler’s Paper(less) Boy: Hidden usage, tax deduction, and the business case for sustainability

Bringing the behind the scenes, to the front of the stage Buildings don’t use energy or water – people do. When we think about resource usage in h...
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My Green Butler’s Paper(less) Boy: Australian Budget Carbon Commitments, Arabian Travel Market, and Integrations

Australian Federal Budget Commits to Carbon Emissions Reductions The Budget announcements of the 9th of May see the Australian government allocating b...
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Taking the right action in the race to save energy

Did you know some of the ways we save energy can actually be counterproductive? Our efforts can escalate costs, increase indirect carbon emissions, an...
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Designing Gamification for Responsible Tourism: Giving people a purpose

Responsible tourism is more than minimising your impacts where you travel – it is also about extending the benefits of your trip into the wider comm...
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The difference between responsible and irresponsible tech is how we use it

It’s easy to get swept up in the promise of technology. It gives us something to fall back on. However much of a mess humanity makes, we can rest ea...
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Data is dead, long live your AI accomplice.

Dr Christopher Warren was a speaker at the ASTSE Expo on technology and sustainable tourism. There is a great deal of expectation that data can help d...
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Where’s the Tesla-like innovation in tourism?

One of the reasons why tourist accommodation does not more deeply involve guests in resource saving and waste reduction is that it appears to contradi...
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