Destination Service


My Green Butler Destination Service is a great way to increase your guests’ satisfaction, increase bookings and revenue. It offers:

  • Pre arrival advice including directions, map, what to see enroute, weather forecast, what to pack, information about a worthy local cause you choose to support
  • Personalise guest itineraries with map that include your recommendations selected to match guest types and weather conditions, so guests enjoy the best experiences
  • Option to add personal recommendations to support local shops, places and markets you feel are especially good
  • Cheerful messages with Wellness tips to enhance guests’ stay and sense of warm hospitality
  • Easy to use social media links which let your guests promote your accommodation for you, making you more competitive
  • Analytics show you which activities and features your guests most enjoy
  • Helpful energy and water saving tips that will save money and nature
  • Helpful weather alerts including Bushfire Warnings
  • Include a departure survey (optional)
  • Comes in the form of a daily advice sheet and mobile app

Here are examples of Destination Sheets and Mobile app.

My Green Butler Destination Service takes 1 hour to set up, then automatically provides a 24/7 service 365 days a year, to increase your competitiveness and support your community.

You may also be interested in our Small Hotel and Accommodation Service, which includes extra features such as:

  • Energy and Water monitoring
  • Laundry monitoring
  • Food waste monitoring

Smart Personal Attention – My Green Butler the green holiday advisor.


My Green Butler also offers ‘Small Accommodation’ and ‘Hotel’ services which will save you money, reduce environmental impacts, raise funds for good causes and increase your guests’ stay experience.