Your one-stop
Sustainable Hospitality solution

We know it is tough to cut energy costs at your tourist accommodation.
We know motivating your staff to avoid wastage is a challenge.
We know it is hard to find the right way to tell your sustainability story.
We know it is an immense task to reach net zero.

My Green Butler's system supercharges your sustainability initiatives, so you continuously cut costs and carbon, whilst increasing guest satisfaction, and staff motivation, building a valuable competitive advantage.

Single integrated solution
saving you time
and money

Takes care of monitoring and pinpoints savings/waste

personalised goals for continuous improvement

24/7 motivating staff/guests to conserve

Promotes progress
and reports showcase

monthly subscription cost with fast ROI

Who is My Green Butler for?

A premium product, My Green Butler is for strategically minded hospitality providers who are serious about truly decarbonising their business.

We exist for those who see sustainability as a business opportunity, for those who want to avoid greenwashing and instead share motivating stories with their customers and stakeholders about innovative operational changes that really work.

For those who are not convinced of the transparency and value of eco labels and for those who are ready to take this step with integrity and passion.

My Green Butler knows no boundaries. We work from the Azores to Australia, from cities to wilderness regions, and we are used by time shares to 5-star properties, eco lodges to holiday homes.

Looking to streamline your sustainability ambitions?
We are here to help.

Follow these steps and lead the way to a pioneering business advantage:

Apply for a
demo and let
our tech team answer your questions

Site audit
and online onboarding
training for My Green Butler

Goal setting and continuous improvement via our eLearning programme




We know you are ready
for the next generation of sustainable hospitality tools

Positively change
the way you run your business today

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