Game Changer for sustainable hospitality

My Green Butler cuts resource costs, improves cash-flow,
reduces carbon emissions, increases your reputation and builds guest satisfaction.

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Until now it has been unworkable for managers to monitor multiple resource types, audit carbon and record financial savings in ‘real-time’. It has also been considered too challenging to persuade guests to help you conserve resources.

Now My Green Butler innovatively changes the game for sustainable hospitality management. Its easy to use intelligent system empowers managers. It directly guides staff and persuades guests to take adaptive action to conserve resources showing them the results. Its ‘real-time’ eco-feedback and advice increase staff participation, increases guest comfort, and enhances their stay experience.

My Green Butler is at your service.

My Green Butler – Guest and Staff Participation Service

My Green Butler persuades guests and staff to conserve resources so you can make significant costs and carbon savings. Its analytics empower managers to improve performance continuously.

My Green Butler – Hotel School

My Green Butler Hotel School trains guest relations staff and other departments to persuade guests to participate in your sustainability programme, increasing staff loyalty and guest ‘delight’.

My Green Butler – Sustainability Experience Design Consultancy

My Green Butler’s intelligent system generates unique hospitality insights, informing design change
solutions, to build low-zero carbon experiences delighting guests, building a competitive advantage.

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I dream of creating a better tourism sector, which demonstrates new ways to live more sustainably, helps create positive social change and makes people happy