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My Green Butler is a responsible service innovation that empowers guests to co-produce more comfortable accommodation experiences that use fewer resources, and create better holiday memories and a more meaningful stay. Over a 17 month trial at a 4½ star accommodation*, guests were persuaded to use significantly less electricity (-34%), gas (-20%) and water (-22%), while they enjoyed richer personalised activities, whilst saving carbon emissions. 100% of the financial savings directly supported the care of 14 orphaned wombats and the protection of 40 threatened Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallabies. 74% of the guests said the innovation added to their stay experience. This service innovation is now being tested for sustainable tourism outcomes in several tourist accommodations in three countries. Impacts are measured by Griffith Institute For Tourism. Results will be shared to encourage broader sustainable tourism development progress.

Research Insights

Is the knowledge gap too wide for innovative sustainable tourist accommodation?
There is currently insufficient research to assist the development of innovative low carbon- low water use accommodation. After reviewing 110 academic resource-saving studies we found significant research gaps that leave us still unclear how accommodation can make deep game changing savings. Read Summary
Positive Connectedness: Encouraging Pro-environmental Behaviour Change in Responsible Accommodation
One of the reasons why tourist accommodation does not more deeply involve guests in resource saving and waste reduction is that it appears to contradict the ethos of hospitality, but not all guests are the same and in fact taking responsibility not to be wasteful and proactive can be a positive. Read More
How to persuade guests to use fewer resources?
Our study is the first to measure the impact of persuasive communications on guests’ resource consumption behaviour and stay satisfaction. It reveals that guest respond to politeness. Read Full Paper
Can you ask guests to help you to become more sustainable?
Guests step up and draw on the virtues and character strengths to play ‘the game of sustainability’ as taking responsibility actually can make them happy. Full Paper

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Project Progress & Learning

As we roll out the My Green Butler trial, we will share updates and insights to help everyone. If you want the full project reports you must join us as a collaborator.

Latest news and updates

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