Benefits to CEOs

  • Reduce carbon liabilities
  • Transparent reporting
  • Reducing risk from extreme weather events
  • Unite the team behind the company’s sustainability purpose

“Engaged companies grow profits as much as 3 times faster than their competitors.” ¹

Benefits to Engineers

  • Proven resource savings between 14-38%
  • Reduced equipment wear and tear
  • Maintenance scheduling and task system
  • Sustainability diagnostics enquiry tools

“Proven savings of 38% bioenergy, 33% electricity, 20% gas, 21% water and food waste.” ²

Benefits to Sustainability Managers

  • Automated ESG reporting and progress tracking
  • Holistic sustainability story telling without inference of greenwashing
  • Manages data collection so you easily comply with existing eco certification criteria and ISO standards 16064-1, 14001, and 50001
  • Involves everyone in sustainability with result driven progress
  • Complete overview of team performance

“Through learning, resource sharing, interaction, and commitment to the sustainability goal, firms acquire the ability and desire to make real sustainable progress.” ³

Benefits to Financial Managers

  • ROI between 3-14 months
  • Cutting resource and waste costs, improving cashflow
  • Less staff turnover and increased productivity
  • Reduce cost of ESG compliance reporting

“It is reported that turnover costs companies, on average, six to nine months of an employee’s salary to replace them.” ⁴

Benefits to Sales and Marketing Managers

  • Clearly presented ESG and CSR reports
  • Boosts positive guest reviews
  • Turns sustainability into a competitive point of difference
  • Create personalised guest experiences

“90% of consumers are looking for sustainable options when traveling.” ⁵

Benefits to Staff

  • Recognition for saving carbon, knowing you are making a difference 
  • Making team work fun and with positive communication 
  • Learn practical sustainability skills 
  • Clear working procedures making one’s role easier to implement 
  • See the difference you make 
  • Learn about ways to conserve that you can apply at home 
  • Satisfaction of knowing that the efforts you make to conserve benefit nature conservation which you can visit 
  • Pride in working for a good company that is making a difference

“Organizations with a high level of employee engagement report 22% higher productivity.” ⁶

Benefits to Guests

  • New positive experience
  • See the benefits of your savings
  • Learn about the property’s sustainability story with real-time evidence of progress
  • Learn about your own consumption and ways to conserve which you can apply at home
  • Enjoy better experiences the match your desires
  • Experience great comfort from attentive user-friendly service
  • Take home your sustainability statement showing the positive benefits your stay created
  • Guaranteed that your choice of ‘opting-out’ of laundry/room servicing is respected

“80.2% of guests say My Green Butler “strongly adds” to their stay experience.” ⁷

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² As reported in the Journal of Cleaner Technology, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and United Nations Environment Programme’s One Planet initiative.

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What our clients say about My Green Butler...

Sophie Ewin, Owner, Crystal Creek Meadows
“Guests have really enjoyed receiving My Green Butter and it has increased our guests’ reviews. I think it has been particularly helpful in promoting practical ways guests can keep cool or warm without using lots of energy, helping us to reduce carbon further. We’ve seen bookings rise, revenue rise, while our footprint has dropped. It really has helped us become transparently more sustainable and successful.”
Nick Lancaster, MD of Langdale Leisure Ltd (until 2019).
“My Green Butler opened our eyes to an alternative approach to climate change action. MGB provides an obvious and potent demonstration of our commitment to changing our behaviour as a business, and at the same time introduces the guest to simple ideas they can adopt whilst on holiday but which they may also adopt when returning home. Through a quiet, experiential lesson, we can open the eyes of people to things we can all do to help reduce carbon.”

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