Without people, hospitality does not exist.

Building a more sustainable business requires staff and guest input to get results.

Sustainable hospitality training and guidance play a critical role in achieving consistent improvement.

My Green Academy is a hub for those looking to learn more and provides the access and framework for ongoing support and coaching for our clients.

Inspiring insights from our research

Did you know that there are very big differences in the amount each guest uses for energy, water, and the amount they leave for food waste and recycling? What happens when guests are made aware of their consumption? Take a look at our video to find out.

Getting started means taking a closer look at how you can help your guests help you to save. Christopher Warren applied his PhD to researching the impacts of My Green Butler (verified by Griffith University, peer assessed by scientists, published in leading academic journals). To help you get started on your conserving together journey, here is a snapshot of what we found out.
Over 1,000 guests were monitored for 17 months to ensure coverage of all seasonal climatic variations.
My Green Butler guests used 38% less firewood, 33% less electricity, 21% less water and 20% less gas compared to other guests staying at the same accommodation in the same seasons. They also tolerated a wider range of inside temperatures ( + – 1C ) and said they were more comfortable than other guests.
My Green Butler gives guests better control of their environment making them better able to adapt to the weather and not waste power.


  • 85% of My Green Butler guests said they choose to save resources, while only 59% of other guests said the same. However, without the feedback mechanism we found the latter actually did not save.
  • My Green Butler guests used twice as many energy and water saving techniques (12 verses 6) than other guests.
  • My Green Butler guests are also in-directly encouraged to engage in other responsible behaviour: they were more likely to separate their waste, recycle and control food waste than the control group guests.

Additional detail about the trial:

Generally, people are cautious about something new, while they might actually enjoy the experience. When asked only 35% of other guests wanted feedback on their consumption during their stay, 48% were “neutral” about the idea and 15% were against it. But in reality, experiencing feedback was a positive experience, 71% of My Green Butler guests strongly/agreed that they would be happy to receive feedback, 25% were “neutral”, while only 4% disliked it. This makes a strong case for losing the fear many hosts encounter when directly approaching their guests to engaging them in resource saving activities.

What’s more: during the study (2015-2016) no negative reviews were received on social media nor face to face.

Owners and managers of hospitality businesses are rightly concerned about guest satisfaction, but consumption feedback is simply reporting, and guests can choose to be involved or not.

  • “I’ve never done that before, and it was really interesting” - Case 23 (My Green Butler guest)
  • “It would be good to know how much energy we used and associated impact” - Case 56 (other guest)

Overall, we found that 80% of My Green Butler guests found the service strongly/added to their stay experience. 17% were neutral and only 3% were not.

Asking guests to participate in resource conservation requires skill and know-how. This is where My Green Academy is a crucial part of the process.

Our Training Journey

The training and coaching available through My Green Butler Academy is linked to the products that we offer and is built around a framework that supports and guides you on your journey to becoming a sustainability leader.


This training covers everything related to recording and interpreting resource usage and the carbon footprint at your business. It goes on to teach how to guide guests to save using My Green Butler’s unique features and how to effectively weave your sustainability story into your multi-channel marketing messaging, so you confidently avoid greenwashing.


You can jump straight into this training and still get everything that is covered in the Guest Engagement product modules. Here you whole staff get involved via our team sustainability training elearning programme where they will learn how to integrate conserving adaptive behaviours and monitoring into their roles as well as in their interactions with your guests.

Strategy & Compliance Training

Here your business becomes a sustainability pioneer as you learn how to generate tailored carbon and energy audits that meet ISO criteria, as well as full operations CSR compliance reporting. Your knowledge will be enhanced with actions specific to your business that will help you to consistently manage waste, save costs, and cut carbon.