Our project progress and research insights into enabling tourist accommodation and destinations persuade guests to participate in saving resource saving and choosing better holiday experiences.

Tourism Declares Climate Emergency

Tourism Declares Climate Emergency is a global campaign encouraging responsible action to cut emissions. The following is my commitment to support this initiative as I think we all need to be more transparent and collaborative. Since 2007 I have measured...

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The Green Ceiling

The ‘Green Ceiling’ Savings that are early ‘low hanging fruit’ hid the challenges on longer time savings Christopher Warren Progamme Director My Green Butler Tourist accommodation has three primary focus areas for resource management: design & technology,...

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Beyond Mr and Mrs Average

Beyond Mr and Mrs Average Recognising that each guest is an individual is the key to significant accommodation resource saving Guest use of resources represents a very important opportunity for reducing resource use and emissions as they can consume 40-50% of a...

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Where’s the Tesla-like innovation in tourism?

One of the reasons why tourist accommodation does not more deeply involve guests in resource saving and waste reduction is that it appears to contradict the ethos of hospitality, but not all guests are the same and in fact taking responsibility not to be wasteful and proactive can be a positive.

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