Our Clients

My Green Butler is not a standardised solution. We care about the values of the clients we choose to work with and consider the conditions and sustainability challenges of their location which is why we designed the world's most flexible sustainability system. This allows us to completely personalise the solution to the client's exact needs and meet the unique sustainability issues of their place. This approach allows flexibility for My Green Butler to be applied to diverse building and accommodation types from wood or brick to 5-star or ecolodge in cities, rainforests, islands to heritage sites. We are extremely proud to introduce you to our sustainability pioneers.

4-Star Hotel|Australia

Amora Riverwalk Hotel Melbourne

The award winning green hotel with its own solar array, and advanced BMS has embraced the next generations of sustainability initiatives by using our carbon auditing guests, staff engagement and guest participation applications to improve the hotel’s performance.

5-star hotel|Australia

Amora Jamison Sydney

A dedicated TV Channel updates to staff and guests every 15 minutes on the hotel’s total resource use, carbon emissions, choice of nutritious local menu, and donations to biodiversity regeneration.


Langdale Holiday Homes

Monitoring electricity, gas, and water, as a timeshare they have the ability to charge guests their resources and for guests to see those costs in real-time, advise guests on conserving actions.


Daintree Wilderness Lodge

Optimising guests’ thermal comfort, saving energy through real-time resource monitoring and guests advice, telling their unique sustainability story, and providing personalised eco-itineraries.


Crystal Creek Meadows

Round the clock mentoring of electricity, gas, and renewables – bioenergy, water and solar, with eco-feedback to guests with savings directed to two local charities.

EcoHotel|The Azores

Solar Branco Eco Estate

Monitoring guests’ electricity use for air conditioning, hot and cold water, apartment air quality, temperature, and humidity to minimise resources and maximise comfort.


Swan Cove Retreat

Pre-arrival advice, personalised eco itineraries, energy, and water-saving tips, involving the guests in the property’s sustainability ethos, emergency alerts for high bush fire dangers.

Heritage Apartments|France

Heart of Sarlat

Multi language guest advice, virtual green butler service, smart apartment resource management integration including owner control of heating and hot water and guests eco feedback.

Holiday Home|Australia

Country House Retreat

Smart green holiday home experience from solar and rainwater harvesting reporting to owners to eco feedback to guests enabling them to self-adjust consumption to local provision.

Boutique Getaway|Australia


Luxury can also be sustainable, thoughtful comfort control and on-site weather station guides guests to apply adaptive behaviours, optimising the use of  green energy, bioenergy, and solar hot water.

World Heritage Site Accommodation|England

Victorian House Hotel

Smart system control of hot water and central heating, with real-time reporting of guest thermal comfort satisfaction, enables management to minimise consumption and optimise guests’ enjoyment.

4,5-Star Hotel|Australia

Amora Brisbane

Retrofitting luxury hotel to create Smart Green Guest Room experiences, coordinating staff duties to maximise sustainability practices and publishing CSR reporting for stakeholders.