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My Green Butler is the only online sustainability system currently available worldwide that helps you meet environmental and social compliance and achieve continuous progress to cut costs and carbon, whilst also increasing guest satisfaction and building reputation.

A sustainability certification is comparable with a checklist, which upon achievement, provides a label for hotels, ideally recognisable for customers demonstrating its sustainability commitment and work. There are over 100 sustainability certifications in the hotel sector, of which some are more elaborate than others.

My Green Butler is an educational SaaS (Software as a Service) company that reduces the carbon footprint of hotels by involving guests and staff through persuasive communication. Hence, it is a practical tool that is gives you a consistent overview of where you are at with your sustainability initiatives and your footprint. It supports your decision-making by guiding you towards achievable reduction targets for consumption.  

Yes! My Green Butler is not a standardised solution. We care about the values of the clients we choose to work with and consider the conditions and sustainability challenges of their location which is why we designed the world's most flexible sustainability system. This allows us to completely personalise the solution to the client's exact needs and meet the unique sustainability issues of their place. This approach allows flexibility for My Green Butler to be applied to diverse building and accommodation types from wood or brick to 5-star or ecolodge in cities, rainforests, islands to heritage sites. 

Because we personalise our system to your exact needs, our costs are determined by the solutions that you aspire to. We are happy to show you a demo and learn more about your business. After that, we will be able to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. However, we can add that My Green Butler is an investment operationally as it replaces legacy systems and reduces staff costs. In addition - and depending on the solution you choose - we include our guest app, staff communication app, signage, continuous eLearning, coaching, consultancy, and auditing saving you thousands on costs over time.

The reported ROI for our sites ranges from 0.3 to 1.3 years depending on the size and scope of the required solutions and hardware.

It depends which solution you start with. The Butler Package does not require the installation of any additional hardware, the Team Package does. The kind of hardware required depends on your current Building Management System. We will delve deeper into this when we demo the system to you.

My Green Butler currently integrates with Siteminder, Mews, and RMS, and we are currently working on integrations with other PMS and Channel Managers. If you would like your system to integrate with ours, drop us a message here and we will start that ball rolling from our end.

No guest is obliged to use My Green Butler, but we know that their satisfaction will be enhanced if they do! Scientific research has shown that guests enjoy being involved. My Green Butler offers various touchpoints where guests can interact with the system ranging from your in-room TV channel to our mobile app. Our personalised comfort and activity suggestions to guests reduce questions in-house and provide instant options according to their needs, interests, group type, and of course the weather during their stay.

Creating a fun experience for tourists is at the forefront of any tourism business as it is for My Green Butler. Research has shown that guests can have a great stay while also reducing their footprint and knowing the details of it! In fact, My Green Butler is proven to increase guest satisfaction, positive reviews, and customer loyalty.

We are working on this. Our multi-language versions will be available shortly.

Using renewable energy is a great start, but often renewable energy is not produced at times when it is most used. Renewable energy sources are dependent on weather conditions, which cannot be planned and are unpredictable long-term. My Green Butler optimises renewable resources so they can be used to their maximum, in the right place at the right time.

Data privacy is at the core of our business. Data will be anonymised and is not shared or sold to third parties. Anonymised data is saved on the server of My Green Butler as well as the hotel’s software. Guests can delete their data at any time.

The first step is to click the Apply for a Demo button on the top right of our homepage (or from anywhere else on the site) and answer the questions that our butler Bentley politely asks you. One of our hospitality and technology team experts will contact you and we will assess your needs and where you are at right now before suggesting which product is the best fit for you.

Just like populating any new channel for your property, getting started with My Green Butler takes a little more time at the outset than it will require once everything is up and running. Once your relevant information is uploaded, we recommend that you study the reports so you can identify patterns in consumption, as well as in staff and guest behaviour. Understanding where you need to improve will help you reach your targets faster. We are here to support you along the way.

You can, though we will appoint a My Green Butler ambassador who will be our first point of contact. Our training is designed for all staff and will be the most successful when someone in-house, as well as ourselves, are checking in on progress and understanding.

You can choose who you want to go through our training programmes, though we do recommend that all staff attend an introductory training session so that they understand why they are being asked to do things differently. We will create an ideal training plan with you once you are on-board.

Gamification is the implementation of elements from games in a non-game environment to increase engagement and influence user behaviour. Some notable examples of services using it are Duolingo (helping you learn a language), loyalty points (to increase frequency and size of purchases), and social media (rewarding you by posting and participating in communities). My Green Butler integrates gamification into all our training programmes to provide new and innovative ways to develop the skills of your staff. Gamification makes hospitality training fun and more engaging while providing your teams with the skills required to ensure your hospitality business runs smoothly.

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