About My Green Butler

A passion for responsible tourism and first-hand experience of the dramatic impacts of climate change fuelled the development of our innovative technology for a more sustainable hospitality industry.

We recognise that it is extremely complex for tourist accommodation to reach net zero. This is why we created My Green Butler.

We believe that sustainable hospitality can only be achieved by involving everyone at a property and collectively applying conserving behaviours.

We believe that staff and guests are open to conserving resources but are unsupported and under informed, they lack the tools and know-how to make saving easy, understandable, and relatable directly to them and their efforts.

How it all started...

After many years of experiencing the exotic world of spices, scents, and the warmest hospitality you can imagine in Arabia, Christopher and Sophie Warren moved to rural Australia, where they founded a charming country escape in 2003.

Despite building as sustainable a hospitality business as possible at their luxury cottages, there came a moment when they felt that surely there was more that could be done to incorporate more responsible tourism action.

What if guests really got involved in saving resources and reducing waste?

What if reporting was real-time and educational?

The first version of My Green Butler was born, and scientifically applied at pilot sites in three countries with outstanding results. As a family business, Maxwell Warren joined and enhanced the gamification features. This pioneering work led tourist accommodation owners to want to learn more.

Today, Dr Christopher Warren, international sustainable tourism expert and partner in the United Nations Environmental Programme’s One Planet Initiative, leads the team of My Green Butler sustainability experts who are committed to generating positive change one property at a time.

Meet the Team

We are excited to introduce to you our hybrid My Green Butler team.

Like that digital piano that is programmed to compose music, or the virtual chess gamers who can beat the world champions, the merging of digital technology with human intelligence is leading the online space and driving innovative ways of acquiring knowledge.

My Green Butler harnesses these technological developments by offering real time interactions with our squad of virtual butlers.

Meet Bentley, Gina, Brains, Michelle, and Angelo!

Always on hand to guide and educate, your guests and staff can choose the personality that resonates with them the most to enhance their learning experience.

Our Virtual Butlers

They love getting you inspired and involved! Each has a unique character and focus, so guests and staff alike can choose the one who works best for them.


Bentley offers the classic experiences. He is truly the butler’s butler. His witty, cheerfully all-knowing personality means you’re in the safest of hands.


Passionate about the environment? Gina is our eco-warrior and always at your side in the march towards sustainable hospitality and stronger communities.


Bit of a technophile? Brains is your guy, digging into the stats and giving data-driven advice on how to save. He just loves numbers!


Keen to seize the day? Michelle’s efficient, quick-thinking approach will help you step up your game. She will definitely help you get organised!


Want some good clean fun? So does Angelo, and he couldn’t be any more excited to help you get the most out of your time together.

How our virtual butlers interact with staff and guests

Our butlers just love to get you inspired and involved!

Guests and staff can choose the Green Butler that resonates with them the most, the Green Butler will then tailor their suggestions and advice to your interests. Interested more in the tech side of resource-saving? Brains is your guy and will present you with stats and figures about cost-cutting and savings. Feel more connected with how your choices impact the environment? Gina is adventurous yet down to earth. Indeed, the earth is often on her mind, she is a champion of environmentalism, conservation, and sustainability, viewing guests and staff as partners in a shared journey to a better world. If you prefer the traditional butler and respectful tones, then plump for Bentley the butlers' butler who is witty and cheerful. For those who want efficiency and quick action may we suggest Michelle who sees each day as a gift, not to be wasted. Or opt for Angelo who is chummier in his approach and super excited to be your butler. In fact, he is positively downright over the moon by Jove. More than any other member of the cast, Angelo simply wants to offer a delightful experience.

And the human brains...

Of course, behind the virtual brilliance is a team of experts who not only have the latest tech insights but many of whom are also hoteliers with first-hand knowledge of what you really need to generate sustained operational change for your business.

Meet Christopher, Maxwell, Sarah, Aaqib, Fred, Sonal, Bas and Liam.

We all share a relentless passion to reinvent the sustainable hospitality industry and are excited to share our unique vision and mission for the future of My Green Butler with you.

Christopher Warren

PhD, MSc
Founder & CEO
Combining a lifelong passion for the environment with decades of hospitality experience and research, Chris’s mission to transform sustainable tourism has culminated in My Green Butler.

Maxwell Warren

BA, BEnv
Product manager & gamification
Acting as product manager and tester for new features, Maxwell co-ordinates the teams behind My Green Butler and integrates all the work with gamification and fun.

Sarah Habsburg

Director of Training
A strategic thinker, Sarah thrives when breaking down complex sustainability concepts into digestible training materials. She humanises our technology and brings My Green Butler content to life.

Aaqib Kitab

Developer & Architect
Aaqib has had a decade of experience in testing and crafting scalable software, honing his skills with brands like Google, Nestle, and Legoland.

Frederick O'Brien

A wizard when it comes to characterisation and storytelling, Frederick is the man behind the voices of My Green Butler on social media and in the experience itself.

Sonal Keraliya


Developer & Co-architect

Sonal's experience in APIs and web-app development are key to building My Green Butler's database and connecting the system with the variety of sensors and devices we work with.

Bas Beverwijk


Business Development
Bas’ hospitality and marketing experience (including working with Booking.com in Amsterdam) and passion with sustainability drive his work with My Green Butler, where he identifies and works with companies and individuals who want to innovate and re-imagine tourism.

Liam Lawless


Business Development Australia & New Zealand​
With an unrivalled passion to holistically implement sustainability in everyday decision making, Liam's skills in strategic marketing and consumer psychology allow him to determine and work alongside the hospitality leaders who share My Green Butler's vision to reach and exceed their sustainability goals.

Our Vision

We believe truly sustainable hospitality is made possible by conserving together.

Our Mission

By combining tech innovation with ongoing education, we inspire conserving behaviours in hospitality staff and guests, reducing carbon, increasing awareness, and enriching experiences at our unique destinations.

Our Partners

Our shared challenges to reduce emissions, restore nature, and protect biodiversity are immense tasks. No one company, destination, or individual has all the answers. Instead, solutions and innovations require us all to collaborate closely and integrate to accelerate sustainability progress in the spirit of conserving together.

We are active members of the United Nations Environment Program’s One Planet Initiative, providing annual reports and participating in webinars to share knowledge globally. Click here to read the One Planet Network/UNEP case study about My Green Butler.

My Green Butler is a signatory to the Glasgow Declaration and commits to Collaboration by sharing our scientific knowledge and technical solutions to assist hospitality owners. Read our full signed Glasgow Declaration commitment here.
We are an official supporter of the Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative and commit to its Terra Carta Charter. Our ‘Noble Cause’ feature reflects HRH’s focus on Nature, People & Planet by encouraging clients to direct financial savings, from resource cuts to crucial local nature conservation projects to which guests can participate and make donations.
We share data for scientific discovery, work with several leading universities in Australia and the United Kingdom and publish through the International Centre for Responsible Tourism.
As members of the GSTC we share our research into staff and guest behaviours contribute to webinars and inform the global certification communicate about new opportunities to decarbonise tourism through behaviour adaptation.
Climate Change represents a major challenge for hospitality in vulnerable locations, we collaborate with Hotel Resilient, the leading hospitality resilience certification, to provide predictive modelling and detailed risk analytics that take into account future climate scenarios and help tourism businesses and communities develop better climate response and sustainability plans.
​We hold partnerships with local governments like City of Sydney and their Sustainable Destination Partnership and can provide a destination-wide monitoring solution.
Global Weather Climate are a specialist in climatology and we collaborate on the challenges that extreme weather events have on energy consumption and the built environment. They advise us on high focused weather forecasting.

Request a demonstration today to find out what a difference My Green Butler can make to your sustainability efforts, guest satisfaction, staff motivation, and your bottom line.

We look forward to welcoming you on the My Green Butler journey!