Fear of greenwashing should not stop your sustainability ‘work-in-progress’

7 Steps to communicate your sustainability practices without greenwashing Dr Christopher Warren We are, I am sure, all familiar with the term greenwas

Hospitably firms save 12-30% energy through conserving behaviours: 2019 UNEP One Planet Programme report

Implementing conserving resource strategies is proving to be a sound approach to reducing carbon emissions and costs. The International Centre for Res

Tourism Declares Climate Emergency

Tourism Declares Climate Emergency is a global campaign encouraging responsible action to cut emissions. The following is my commitment to support thi

And the winners are…. our guests for adapting their behaviour!

Thursday night in Melbourne saw My Green Butler win the prestigious Banksia Foundation Award for Small Business. This was a significant moment in the

How we can pull back on earth overshoot

So since 2007 we have marched on and increased the overshoot date by 12 days and the predictions of increasing effects from Climate Change are now app

Sustainable tourism innovations

Hear about sustainable tourism innovations generated through knowledge and participation with Christopher Warren from Crystal Creek Meadows and ICRT A

UNWTO showcases My Green Butler

My Green Butler was recently featured in Advancing towards a clear North magazine by UNWTO. 

Chris Warren Interviewed on 94.1FM 3WBC

Listen to “My Green Butler Christopher Warren” on Spreaker. Chris was recently interviewed about My Green Butler on “Green Tick-it E

The Green Ceiling

Savings that are early ‘low hanging fruit’ hid the challenges on longer time savings Christopher Warren, Progamme Director, My Green Butler Touris

Beyond Mr and Mrs Average

Recognising that each guest is an individual is the key to significant accommodation resource saving Guest use of resources represents a very importan

Where’s the Tesla-like innovation in tourism?

One of the reasons why tourist accommodation does not more deeply involve guests in resource saving and waste reduction is that it appears to contradi

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