Get Involved

It would be great to have you on board! Here is what is involved:

  • Accommodation providers must, as a minimum, install install electricity sensors which would link to your wifi. You can do this by guest room/apartment or by floor of your hotel.
  • If you would like to learn more we have the capacity to also measure water and gas, and even bioenergy like firewood. An onsite weather station would be highly advantageous. We can advise you on the equipment required. Additional options include measuring waste and carbon emissions, or housekeeping /laundry/towel towel and linen reuse activities.
  • Allow us to conduct an audit (free) to help craft the advisory information on the system.
  • Attend free training by a qualified trainer & assessor, this would take 2 days and should be done at the accommodation
  • Print off guest information sheets and apply ‘Meet ‘n’ Greet’ steps
  • Work with your coach initially and then mentoring via skype
  • Attend the debrief and apply learnings
  • Participating accommodation get to keep the software and all the training free*

As this is a collaborative trial a donation would be gratefully received and can include accommodation, contribution to travel and so forth.

*Conditions apply


My Green Butler helps tourist accommodation: reduce energy and water, direct visitors to more sustainable activities, encourage use of public transport or no/low carbon transport, and reduce carbon emissions.

As a government body you can propose grant funding opportunities.

As a destination management organisation or NGO you can fund a trial.

As a supplier of eco-efficient technologies you can donate equipment e.g. fans, solar film, thermal window covering, insulation, fly screens, Green Switches (off standby), solar lighting, energy efficient appliances and other items which help savings and smart metering technology.

To discuss how to make a donation contact Christopher Warren, programme director.

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