Personalised Sustainability Solutions for
Your Tourist Accommodation

Consulting services and software solutions that grow with your business to deliver optimal and continuous progress.

Benefits of choosing My Green Butler

  • Unlock fast ROI and consistent progress by motivating staff and guests to contribute to your sustainability goals. 

  • Boost staff satisfaction, productivity, and retention. 

  • Engage guests in your sustainability story to enhance satisfaction and comfort. 

  • Measure your team's progress towards ESG targets.

Practical solutions to empower staff and management for REAL sustainable change


Team Task Management

Increase staff productivity and encourage behaviour change with our task management software. 


Sustainability Staff Training

Involve staff in your sustainability journey through microlearning modules that make learning fun.  


Guest Web App

Engage and guest guests to support your sustainability endeavours using our unique app. 

We achieve optimal results and progress with 24/7 monitoring.

Monitor energy and water usage in real-time to expedite decision-making and action.

  • All services are grounded in science-based evidence to guarantee credibility and accuracy.

  • Real-time, 24/7 resource monitoring ensures continuous progress and results.

  • Virtual green butlers integrated into every tool to guide and support.

Our comprehensive solutions unite staff, management, and guests in a shared commitment to resource conservation.

Our parent company, WISE Sustainability offer holistic solutions for hospitality to make sustainable progress.

Discover our Carbon Detective and Comfort Champion services.

Carbon Detective

Reach goals faster with our personalised carbon auditing, automated reporting, and guided target-setting service. 

Comfort Champion

Save energy for heating and cooling with the smart-climate management solution for radiators and AC systems. 


For demonstrations in EUROPE and USA, complete the questions at the link below to schedule a call with

Christopher Warren, PhD, MSc

For demonstrations in ASIA-PACIFIC, complete the questions at the link below to schedule a call with

Liam Lawless, BComm, BSPsyc

To schedule a consultation in a different time zone, contact us here. 

Committed to science-based sustainable tourism progress we are signatories to the Responsible Tourism Charter, Terra Carta, and Tourism Declares.

My Green Butler was chosen by the United Nations Environment Program’s One Planet Initiative as their leading sustainable tourism innovation 2 years running.

Winners of the Banksia Sustainability Award