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All packages continuously save costs, cut carbon, and increase your reputation
through conserving behaviours and compliance reporting.

For Green Guest Action Takers

The Butler Package

Build your sustainability story and guide guests on how to conserve resources while enjoying the best stay experience. 

Core Features:

  • Multi channel guest communication
  • Real-time eco feedback
  • Personalised sustainability itineraries and comfort advice

Additional Features Included:

  • Staff/guest sustainability participation training
  • Nature and Social Responsibility programme management
  • Your Guest Sustainability Report
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For Sustainability Service Innovators
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For Decarbonisation Strategists and Compliance Reporting

The Leader Package

Be a sustainability trailblazer, comply with ESG and CSR reporting and drive continuous cost savings and carbon reductions. 

Core Features:

  • Comprehensive ESG compliance reporting
  • Carbon and Energy auditing
  • Tools that drive continuous environmental progress

Additional Features Included:

  • Includes all Butler + Team Packages features +
  • Holistic control of cost wastage
  • Renewable energy and water forecasting and optimisation
  • CSR quarterly report and Certificate of Compliance Standards

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