About My Green Butler

My Green Butler combines the IoT, Big Data and
tailored professional development training

My Green Butler is a behaviour adaptation platform which uses persuasive communications to guide visitors’ actions.

It enables guests to be part of a ‘circular consumption and production’ paradigm
through conserving resources, choosing natural ventilation, and minimizing waste.

Uniquely My Green Butler empowers staff with integrated communications and training.

As an intelligent system it learns how to improve your hospitality business and provides powerful analytics.

The result is behavioural synergy for sustainability.

Why it is important

Technical efficiencies alone will not be sufficient to reach global emissions targets because of tourism’s global growth outstripping the achieved savings. That is unless guests are actively participating in resource use conservation and contribute to the sustainability of destinations. 

We have invented a communication combination which positively guides guests to save. My Green Butler delivers behavioural analytics by guest type. This enables hosts to plan for progress, more effectively uses resources, restore nature, and at the same time improve guest satisfaction.

Persuasion starts with integrity

Accountability and transparency, enhanced through the application of My Green Butler, also underpin brand appeal and the ability of a company to persuade its customers to adapt to their greener approach. My Green Butler actively seeks to meet the health and general wellbeing needs of its guests.

Guests are persuaded because the accommodation offers a more personalized guest experience. The innovation also builds staff resilience to apply low/no carbon adaptive measures for comfort.

The method

Resource use in buildings is complex; however, our system is flexible so each building’s unique characteristics can be optimised for maximum persuasive power. My Green Butler applies experience design which drives ‘circular consumption and production’.

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