About My Green Butler

My Green Butler is the world’s first scientifically tested sustainable hospitality management system. It is proven to save +30% energy, 21% water and food waste, cutting corresponding carbon emissions and costs (blind peer academic reviewed figures). 

My Green Butler works by monitoring an eco-nexus of resources, behaviours and conditions. This combination makes the service unique. It audits electricity, gas, biomass, solar, water, laundry and waste and shows you where and why you have wastage.

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Managers, staff and guests, receive persuasive communication guiding them to take adaptive action saving resources. Helpful eco-feedback nudges synchronised collaborative behaviours. It publishes your business footprint transparently, avoiding perceptions of ‘greenwashing’. 

Is powerful analytics identify savings to build continuous improvement. Unlike expensive consultants, or lengthy certification procedures, My Green Butler works for managers 24/7 365 days a year to help cut costs, saving resources and reduce carbon emissions. No need for expensive hardware, it links with your BMS, or low-cost sensors, or you can enter meter readings manually at zero cost. Our simple low-cost monthly subscription makes My Green Butler affordable, generating a ROI instantly.

It serves guests around the clock adding value to their stay increasing satisfaction and referrals. Its transparent reporting builds reputation and staff loyalty to boost business prosperity. 

You can choose priorities from its customisable dashboard letting you see critical sustainability factors in real time. Its easy to use cloud-based service can integrate with reservation and property management systems. It communicates with staff and guests through mobile phone, tablet, digital display and in-room TV channel. Our flexible service maximises infrastructure you already have so costs are controlled. By influencing staff and guests from the word ‘go’ you build reputation and prosperity from the outset.

My Green Butler is a game changer that delivers sustainable hospitality progress now. Get  Started now or request a demonstration

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