• Christopher Warren
  • 27 January, 2020
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Tourism Declares Climate Emergency

Tourism Declares Climate Emergency is a global campaign encouraging responsible action to cut emissions. The following is my commitment to support this initiative as I think we all need to be more transparent and collaborative. Since 2007 I have measured our carbon footprint (Scope 1 & 2) (business & family), that has guided me to focus efforts that can make the biggest carbon emission reductions. During this journey, I have managed to reduce my joint business and family emissions by 70% to 5 tonnes. Now efforts are concentrating on Scope 3; that is to help others break through the ‘green ceiling’ beyond expensive eco-technologies to conserve resources and through the way, I live and work.

This has led me to the following commitments:

  1. Cut carbon emissions by using my own money to creating a platform (My Green Butler) that helps hospitality conserve energy and water, rather than investing that same money in the stock market, which would support the continued escalation of resource use.
  2. Cut carbon emission by continuing to show hospitality firms where they can save, providing data to support this and training their staff to persuade guests to conserve. We have found that savings of 30% are feasible goals. I will continue to focus my efforts and time in helping others transition as I believe knowledge sharing to be the most important key for change.
  3. Cut carbon emission by driving a hybrid car (in 2018-19 we cut petrol use by more than half). Travel by train to Sydney for meetings (in 2018-19 my 19 trips on the train, instead of driving, saved carbon equivalent of one flight Sydney to London). In Europe, I take the train to avoid flying altogether. Yes, I will fly, and continue to do so, because to encourage others to cut consumption significantly requires not just face to face meetings but site visits. The carbon savings achieved from these meetings far outweigh the flight impact (5 tones), and with every trip, I combine meetings, share knowledge/seminars, visit family,  and learn about new technologies so that every trip counts (reducing flights if these occurred individually).
  4. Cut carbon emissions by not being a slave to fashion. I buy natural fibre cloths which I wear and keep for many years (as my wife will testify to you). Luckily as you get older, you can get away with not complying with social pressures.
  5. Cut carbon emissions by diet choice, avoiding dairy and choose kangaroo over beef and lamb. Kangaroo meat has the benefits of being lean, the animals eat indigenous plants, consume less than sheep and cattle, and expel less methane. Their soft feet do not harm the soil, unlike cattle. I aim never to waste any meat and respect the life that has sustained me by working hard to ensure humans do not further damage wildlife habitat.

Dr Christopher Warren
My Green Butler

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