My Green Butler applies multiple communication tools that create a persuasive integrated experience. Directly talking with guests should be part of this persuasion process. We provide specialist training in persuasion, politeness and general resource comprehension for all levels of staff and management. Participants learn how to persuade guests to become collaborative partners, and act as ambassadors for your CSR programme to ultimately help your business and destination conserve resources.

The training is customised for each type of business and destination based on their unique characteristics and existing training and level of knowledge. Participants learn about their own accommodation’s efforts to become more sustainable, the performance characteristics of amenities used by guests, how to read guests body language and how to use their own expressions to build repour.

My Green Butler is a smart service which provides advice and consumption feedback as well as helpful activity suggestions and rewards. It is also a valuable professional development programme which builds the skills and knowledge of staff and managers. This enriches your brand by offering the very best sustainable tourism experience to guests as you create trust, demonstrate expertise which go to make you credible. The human touch is an invaluable persuasive communication tool.

Which of these guests will respond best to the staff’s request to save?



Why did you make that choice?

A. Smiling faces show a Positive Face and indicate acceptance of what you are saying, but it is also a way for us to manage other people’s messages that we have no intention of following.

B. Not smiling, concentrating on the message using a Negative Face can indicate that people are considering your message and thus may comply.

When we want to persuade someone to comply with our idea we also can use a Positive or Negative expression to manage their responses. Our training discusses the application of politeness in the context of sustainable tourism and guest persuasion.

Training designed by Dr Christopher Warren

The training was design by Dr Christopher Warren a qualified trainer and assessor who research applying politeness theory and persuasive techniques to create the world’s first guests participation course for hospitality. The training follows the Australian Qualification Framework for vocational training and is formerly assessed. Christopher has won multiple national and international awards, is a tourism practitioner and expert speaker on persuasive communications, resource conservation, and sustainability-oriented service innovation. He has published scientific papers in leading academic journals.

Dr Christopher Warren Cert IV, Dip Ad, MSc, PhD

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