The world’s first scientifically tested sustainable technology that decarbonises your hospitality business with immediate results

What can My Green Butler do for your business?

  • Easily identifies intensive carbon practices so you focus on areas of greatest impact
  • Transparently reports your carbon levels with compliance reporting and audits*
  • Proven savings of 38% bioenergy, 33% electricity, 20% gas, 21% water and food waste ₁
  • Sets up internal team projects to tackle cost wastage
  • Cuts cost long-term to improve cash flow
  • Tells your sustainability story in a compelling and authentic way
  • Involves guests on your sustainability journey and improves guest satisfaction
  • Motivates staff to prevent wastage and increases staff loyalty
*Follows the principles of ISO 14064 and the GHG protocols
As reported in the Journal of Cleaner Technology, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and United Nations Environment Programme’s One Planet initiative.

My Green Butler is the only sustainability system that helps you meet environmental and social compliance and achieve continuous progress to cut costs and carbon, whilst also increasing guest satisfaction and building reputation.

Why My Green Butler
is your green solution

Corporate clients are requesting compliance information, governments are requiring carbon auditing, investors are asking for evidence of ESG reporting.

How you comply - and continuously improve - is a huge problem for the hospitality industry and one that we must solve today.

Resource costs are the second-largest category of expenditure, and they are increasing, directly impacting your cash flow.

How you prevent resource wastage, continuously, without major capital expenditure is key to improving financial performance.

Creating a more sustainable business requires full staff support.

How you engage staff to embrace and accept greener operations is a dilemma for managers.

Guest reviews are key to building demand and revenue.

How you promote your sustainability efforts, to create a compelling competitive advantage, must avoid ‘Greenwashing’.

Operational change needs to involve your guests in order to be successful and to have sustained impact over time.

How you promote and achieve this while adding value to the guest experience is a quest for all.

Carbon offsetting is a last resort to decarbonise. It can take 80 years for a tree to counteract the original carbon emitted.

How you decarbonise quickly and cost-effectively is a challenge that requires detailed operational insight.

We help you turn these challenges into marketing advantage.

We help you make sustainability profitable.

What makes My Green Butler unique?

My Green Butler harnesses the human spirit of hospitality by involving those who matter the most: you, your staff, and your guests.

We also have our own team of butlers too!

Most approaches to measuring, monitoring, and managing resource lean solely on technology to solve an engineering problem. Or operating frameworks that rely only the reading of invoices or the manual reading of meters . Or they involve only a few team members applying greener practices.

No tool addresses the fact that resource decisions in tourist accommodation are made by human beings, by you, the managers, your staff, and of course your guests.

Until now.

Our secret recipe...!

Technological innovation

We have mastered the combination of technological innovation, AI, and gamification, with tailored guest services and staff incentivisation. The result is not only a reduction of environmental impact and cost savings, but also enhanced guest and staff learning and experiences.

Guiding the
guest experience

Studies tell us that guests enjoy “doing the right thing” and experiencing things differently. My Green Butler provides the guidance for guests to feel great about their holiday choices, while at the same time enabling the creation of more sustainable, cost effective, and forward-thinking businesses.

Engaging and motivating staff

Without people, hospitality does not exist. Research shows that engaged staff take more pride in their jobs and are more productive, every single day. My Green Butler involves staff in the resource saving journey leading to positive organisational change that is sustained over time.

Strong element
of play

Research also shows that people learn new routines faster if there is a strong element of play. My Green Butler applies gamification, so everyone is motivated to adopt "kinder" behaviours, and we communicate with everyone so that their behaviours are synchronised to local conditions.

What does My Green Butler look like?

The My Green Butler service utilises specifically chosen, innovative communication channels such as guest ecofeedback, staff gamification, and streamlined operational dashboards that appeal to the different ways in which we, as humans, acquire, interpret, and apply new knowledge.

Gamification - the use of game-like features to increase the engagement of users - assists My Green Butler in motivating guests and staff to make savings. It makes learning actions fun and positively challenging, allowing users to feel they are contributing to a good cause and are part of a group effort, amongst other positive outcomes.

We communicate through multi channels to managers, staff and guests through:

web app to mobile phone, tablet, desktop
daily paper report
in-room TV channel
interpersonal communication through our staff training programme
eLearning modules

By combining top industry knowledge with the latest gamification innovations, My Green Butler offers you the following features in a comprehensive and holistic system:

Monitoring of unique eco-nexus of resources, behaviours, and conditions to show where and why you have wastage
Persuasive communication for managers, staff, and guests, to guide them to take adaptive action saving resources
Government, corporate client and financial markets ESG compliance reporting with carbon and energy audits
Powerful, user-friendly analytics combined with AI technology identify savings to build continuous improvement
24/7 365 days a year system works to cut costs, save resources and reduce carbon emissions
Critical sustainability factors visible in real time via our user-friendly, customisable dashboard
Intuitive cloud-based service integrates with reservation and property management systems
Staff and guest communication via mobile, tablet, digital display, in-room TV, and daily info sheets

My Green Butler eliminates the need for expensive hardware. It easily integrates with hard-wired legacy BMS to quickly turn your property into a SMART greener and more advanced hospitality business using LoRaWAN, MBus and ZigBee protocols.

Without people, hospitality does not exist.

By leveraging this all-important human element My Green Butler offers the most versatile and comprehensive platform to connect resource use and monitoring with the human dimension without the need to hire costly additional staff, as it maximises the productivity of your existing team.

Put quite simply, My Green Butler is a game changer that delivers sustainable hospitality progress right from the start.

hospitality staff_my green butler_hospitality sustainability

We work from the Azores to Australia, from cities to wilderness regions, used by time shares to 5-star properties, eco lodges to holiday homes.

What our clients say about My Green Butler...

Sophie Ewin, Owner, Crystal Creek Meadows
“Guests have really enjoyed receiving My Green Butter and it has increased our guests’ reviews. I think it has been particularly helpful in promoting practical ways guests can keep cool or warm without using lots of energy, helping us to reduce carbon further. We’ve seen bookings rise, revenue rise, while our footprint has dropped. It really has helped us become transparently more sustainable and successful.”
Nick Lancaster, MD of Langdale Leisure Ltd (until 2019).
“My Green Butler opened our eyes to an alternative approach to climate change action. MGB provides an obvious and potent demonstration of our commitment to changing our behaviour as a business, and at the same time introduces the guest to simple ideas they can adopt whilst on holiday but which they may also adopt when returning home. Through a quiet, experiential lesson, we can open the eyes of people to things we can all do to help reduce carbon.”

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

My Green Butler’s methodology is scientifically proven, demonstrating that our innovation makes genuine progress. Our work is verified by leading academics in top hospitality institutions.

We are winners of the Banksia Award and have been nominated twice by UNEP as their leading example of sustainable tourism.

My Green Butler has involved five years of scientific research, real-world experiments, pilot sites and design collaboration with our clients to create this innovation that truly decarbonises hospitality. We even wrote a book about it!

How to Create Sustainable Hospitality

A Handbook for Guest Participation

We know you are ready
for the next generation of sustainable hospitality tools

Positively change
the way you run your business today

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